Cry Free is a Deep Purple tribute band, the only one in Hungary, whose six-hour repertoire contains exclusively songs written by the classic British hard rock band.

Obviously it's the legendary albums In Rock, Fireball, and Machine Head written and recorded by the classic Mk 2 line-up (Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice) entirely covered by Cry Free including singles and bonus material of the time that constitute the backbone of the program.

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute

As contrasted with the majority of the Hungarian bands who cover Deep Purple songs (besides other stuff that is), Cry Free go beyond presenting material written by the Mk 2 line-up. The members of the Hungarian Deep Purple Cover Band do believe that the musical heritage of the Mk 3 and Mk 4 line-ups, represented by David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, is also rather valuable. Therefore great hits like Burn, Mistreated, and Stormbringer, along with such rarities as Lady Luck and This Time Around are active parts of the repertoire. The original line-up of Deep Purple, formed in 1968, although considered a little too experimental, also has a great deal of precious material to cover. One song that is constantly on the Cry Free set is Hush, and the band have covered rare songs like Lalena and Emeretta as well. The period from the 1984 reunion to the present day has also provided excellent albums and songs, which have not escaped the attention of the Hungarian Deep Purple Cover Band, either. Besides the 'obligatory' Perfect Strangers, the band can surprise their fans by playing stuff like Ramshackle Man or Fire In The Basement to name but a few.

Cry Free have always taken good care to be as up-to-date as possible, too. Since the band was formed back in 1996 Deep Purple have released 4 albums, and the Hungarian followers made sure in each case to cover a few novelties almost immediately. When the Rapture Of The Deep LP came out in 2005 the guys went as far as presenting one of the new tracks live on the actual night of the release!

During their career the band have covered and performed over 60 Deep Purple songs, most of which they play in several different versions. The greatest hits are played in about a dozen different ways. The extensive musical material that the band have acquired over the years makes it possible for them to do all kinds of concept shows to play tribute to the different eras of Purple, and of course the repertoire is ever growing. The Battle Rages On...