A Tribute to Deep Purple Budapest 1987 DVD (2012)

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute
The 25th anniversary show of Deep Purple's first visit to Hungary (26-27-28 January, 1987), with the original setlist of the '87 European Tour performed exactly 25 years later. Guest star: Zsolt Gömöry of Edda (support act of the Budapest DP shows of the time). Recorded live at Club 202 (ex-Wigwam), Budapest on 27 January 2012. During the basic ”home studio” post-production no additional or correctional recordings were made.
Running time: 128 minutes

The Deep Purple History DVD (2010)

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute

Wring That Neck
Child In Time
Pictures Of Home
Woman From Tokyo
You Fool No One
You Keep On Moving
Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake)
Coast To Coast/Soulmover (Glenn Hughes)

(Knockin' At Your Back Door -
Bad Attitude - Sometimes I Feel Like
Screaming - Cascades:
I'm Not Your Lover - guitar solo -
Lazy - drum solo - Black Night -
When A Blindman Cries)


Highway Star
Smoke On The Water
Strange Kind Of Woman
The Hungarian and Irish/Austrian bands of Cry Free and Purpendicular looking back on Deep Purple's long history from the beginnings in 1968 to the modern day incarnations of the band, with a little outlook on the members' solo efforts. The most authentic tribute by two acts who regularly tour the world with original Deep Purple members (Jon Lord, Ian Paice, and Nick Simper) as their backing bands. Recorded live at Crazy Mama Music Pub, Budapest on 12 December 2009. During the very little studio post-production no musical corrections were made at all.
Running time: 120 minutes

A Tribute to David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes DVD (2008)

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute
1. Burn inc. Stormbringer (Whitesnake version)
2. Might Just Take Your Life
3. Mistreated (Soulfully Live Hughes version)
4. Lady Luck
5. Gettin' Tighter (Dance To The Rock And Roll)
6. You Keep On Moving (Hughes version)
7. Lady Double Dealer
8. Smoke On The Water ('74 version)
The third DVD by Cry Free recorded live at Újpest Community Centre, Budapest, on 28 October, 2006, at the tribute gala following the talent contest organised by the Foundation for Hungarian Rock Musicians, where the Deep Purple Cover Band was the absolute headliner. This is the last recording of the Blaskó-Kállai-Kecskeméti-Scholtz-Soulavy line-up, which had already been working together for 6 years at the time, and it features exclusively mk3 and mk4 Deep Purple material in special versions.
Running time: 60 minutes

Ten Years In Rock DVD (2008)

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute

1. Speed King
2. Bloodsucker
3. Flight Of The Rat
4. Into The Fire
5. Livin' Wreck
6. Hard Lovin' Man
7. Child In Time
8. Black Night

+extra 1. press conference
+extra 2. interview

1. Lazy (performed by Cry Free mk1)
2. Maybe I'm A Leo (performed by Cry Free mk2)
3. Highway Star (performed by Cry Free mk3)
4. Perfect Strangers
5. Rapture Of The Deep
6. Burn (feat. Tamas Szekeres)
7. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (feat. Tamas Szekeres)
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Space Truckin'
10. Woman From Tokyo
11. Hush
The second DVD by Cry Free recorded live with the use of 4 cameras and a professional mobile studio on 26 January, 2006 at the 10th birthday party of the band, featuring appearances by all former members and special guest Tamas Szekeres. The film version of the Ten Years In Rock double CD spiced up with a pre-concert press conference and a television interview shot on the location both with English and German subtitles.
Running time: 128 minutes!

®Evolution Live DVD (2006)

Cry Free - Deep Purple's Favourite Tribute
1. Hush
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Burn
4. Mistreated
5. Gettin' Tighter (Dance To The Rock And Roll)
6. Perfect Strangers
7. Knockin' At Your Back Door
8. King Of Dreams
9. The Battle Rages On
10. Ted The Mechanic
11. I Got Your Number

+1. Smoke On The Water
+2. Black Night
The first DVD by Cry Free featuring performances recorded live during the Purple ®Evolution album premiere on 14 January, 2005. The film version of the ®Evolution Live double CD presenting the very core of the original setlist including "Hush" (not on the CD).
Running time: 90 minutes